Welcome to the Andrew and Lillian A. Posey Foundation Blog

The Andrew and Lillian A. Posey Foundation is a family foundation committed to investing in the future by supporting charitable, education and research initiatives with long term potential.

The foundation was established in 2008 to support not-for profit organizations (501 (C) (3)) whose primary functions are consistent with the foundation’s values:

  • We believe research and educations are the keys to progress,
  • We believe in giving people the tools and resources they need to help themselves,
  • We believe in contributing toward a better future,
  • We believe in the long-term value of investing in our community,
  • We believe the the importance of improving the quality of life today,
  • We value the richness of the contributions of all God’s stewards, regardless of their differences.

The foundation does not accept applications for grants or requests for donations – all contributions made by the foundation are initiated through the interests and research of the board of directors.